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Vegetarian Split Pea Soup

24. August 2010

Dutch Split Pea Soup Laura from the Netherlands sent me her favourite Dutch recipe: „Erwtensoep“ (Split pea soup). In former times often frowned upon as a poor-man’s meal, this dish has nowadays become almost uncommon in Germany. My wife was at first hardly enthusiastic when I started to prepare the soup, but I could finally convince her to give peas a chance.

I halved the amounts in Lauras recipe and it made three servings. The supermarket did not have celery in stock that day, so I took some some fresh spring onions instead. I served a small salad and croutons with the soup and supplemented the meal with sausages for my wife and tofu for me.

My conclusion: a home split pea soup prepared with fresh vegetables as in this recipe does not deserve its bad reputation. We enjoyed a very good home-made meal and there will sure be a next time. Thank you very much, Laura!