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A Wall of Postcards

Wall of PostcardsMid-July I discovered postcrossing and sent my first postcards to Russia, Belarus and the USA. Some days later the website noticed me that the cards had arrived and that now I would receive a postcard from another user. On my postcrossing profile page I had asked people to send me a vegetarian cooking recipe from their country. I began getting more curious every day when I came home from work and checked our mailbox.

Finally, in early August my first postcrossing card arrived. It came from Switzerland and had a recipe for cheese fondue on it. There’s a special cheese called „Vacherin Fribourgeois“ needed for it and I’m still looking where to get some.

As more and more postcards arrived, my wife suggested to keep them on a magnet board. We found small boards at a famous swedish furniture store, and now my postcrossing postcards are nicely displayed in our kitchen. Not all of the postcards have recipes on them, but a few have. One by one I’ll cook these dishes and then publish them here, along with my opinion on them and maybe some photos.

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